Hush Hush

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   This past week of recovery has been worse than the first couple of days after surgery. Thankfully, I am starting to feel 100 times better! Today, I got out of the house for a couple of hours to go shopping for my mom’s birthday, which is tomorrow. Talk about last minute shopping! This outfit is just a last-minute thing I threw together to beat the heat. I was so incredibly hot today it was unreal. Thank you outdoor malls. The cardigan I am wearing has incredible lace details and is super soft. I picked up while at Forever 21 a couple weeks ago. It was only $22! It is so versatile I just HAD to have it. So, the denim shorts came from Altar’d State. They were a bit on the expensive side at $50, but they were a birthday present. They are high waisted, yet if I pull them up to where they are meant to be I get this lovely bit of booty hanging out. They are still my favorite shorts ever! I put just a plain black tank with this outfit to help keep the focus on the cardigan. My shoes are from Target. We came across these in the clearance section of the shoes. They were only $9!! So of course, we bought them in rose gold as well. Super super comfortable and have adjustable straps for the perfect fit. This outfit is really good for just running errands and still looking really cute.

Straight Patriotism


Since I have been sitting in my house doing nothing, I decided to play around with my nails. The Fourth of July is my favorite holiday so of course nails to match is a no brainer. I used Essie Forever Yummy red for my middle finger and thumb. This color is so unbelievably rich and smooth! Sinful Colors in Midnight Blue is my favorite blue. I used this color back in my cheerleading days religiously, with silver sparkles of course. Now for the white I used Salon Perfect’s Sugar Cube with Sally Hansen Golden Rule topcoat to represent fireworks. Four nail polishes is not my normal go-to, but when you are stuck in the house and can’t go anywhere thanks to dizziness you’ll do just about anything. Well, not really. I still would never wear leather in the heat of summer. I think leather shorts are absolute to die for but whoever wears them in the summer is obviously not from the south. I could see leather shorts in the Fall with a cute pair of tights and a slouchy sweater. Definitely not with a tank in the summertime! If you can rock that props to you girl. You deserve it.

Oh! I can’t forget to mention the rings in the picture. While with my family last weekend we went to Bridge Street to watch the cutest new movie, Inside Out. We arrived a bit early so I went to Icing. Low and behold this marvelous store decided to make all of their jewelry $5 and under. Every. Single. Piece. That is not just an opportunity you pass up! I found a little package of rings of various sizes that I HAD to buy. My favorite is on my middle finger. It’s little kitty cat ears. Meow! I also purchased this adorable necklace that is three layers and rests so beautifully on my chest. I am sure I will post a pic of it soon enough as I wear it all the time now!

Beating the Heat

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Can we just talk about my absolute favorite boots? Although you do need to excuse my pasty legs here! These were my mama’s back in the day, but you can bet your butt that the day my foot was big enough to fit in them they were mine. My lovely mama bought these beauties in 1993. Don’t worry, she has gotten a newer pair since I confiscated them from her. I can wear these boots with any and everything. (In fact, they are part of a little series of outfits I plan on doing based on my favorite movie.) In the summertime, I love to pair them with white shorts and a blue tank top. Representing ‘Merica all the way baby! In the fall, so many dresses match these older than dirt boots. I have this really adorable long sleeve black dress with orange, yellow, and brown paisley on it. Red boots are the perfect accessory for that dress. It is a small pop of color that just so happens to help lengthen legs! Needless to say, I wear my mama’s red boots anytime I can.

Dreaming of Sunshine


At the moment, I am nursing a wounded nose. I had surgery yesterday to fix a deviated septum and clear out sinus passages. When the doctor got inside of my nose, she discovered that my sinuses were deteriorating and I had multiple polyps that had developed since December. So in the meantime, I am going through my closet putting together outfits and just waiting for the chance to wear them again. This outfit I am showing you is by far one of my favorites. I bought this dress just last week at Altar’d State for $27. I happened to stumble upon the store when they were having their wonderful sale that is 50% off of their clearance. The sale has just started when my mom and I arrived so there were plenty of racks to pick through. I purchased another item which is an adorable cream and peach tank that is PERFECT for summer time! The wedges I am wearing (pictured) are a new purchase as well. I spotted them at DSW last week and showed them to my mom who was in search of a cute pair of wedges. We went to dinner that night and she hasn’t seen them since. Oh well, guess I will just HAVE to keep them in my closet for her!

Bonnaroo ready

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Check out this super cute versatile dress I just purchased! It can be worn as a coverup in the summer or place a shift underneath and make it a night out dress. This can transition well into the Fall, also. The floppy hat is just absolutely adorbs and was so inexpensive I’d be crazy to not buy it! $4.00. I mean why pass that up?? Thank you Amazon for having amazing deals I just so happen to stumble upon! Altogether, these two items were $6.31. Amazing? Amazing!! I’ll add the links to both of these pieces below so you can check them out. You have any amazing finds lately you wanna share? If so, email them to me at and I’ll write a post about them 🙂

Because because because…

Because of the wonderful things he does! Make that she and call her my hairdresser. My hairdresser is Stephanie Williams and she took on the task of changing my yellow corn chip hair that was beginning to be one solid color to a more natural ombre. I just wanted to share this photo of my hair because the color makes me super happy and it’s just fun. When I took the braids out it was a giant curly mess that my little cousin decided to make fun of all day. Little does she know we have almost identical hair (mwahahahaha).


Sunkissed is the best kind of kiss

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I got this lovely summery look using a light foundation from Chanel that helps keep my skin clear and fresh. It is not heavy at all and smells amazing! On top of that I brush on NYC Shimmery Bronzing Face Powder in 720A Sunny on my temples and cheekbones. To keep the bronzed look going, I used the Naked 2 Pallette from Urban Decay on my eyes that my lovely friend bought me for my birthday this past year. Using Bootycall as an all over base and Verve only on lids gives the right amount of shimmer. For my lashes, I use Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. It is an amazing moisturizer for my lashes and makes them pop more than any other mascara. Thankfully, I have found a summer routine for the daytime that can easily transition to nighttime with a pop of color on the lips and more mascara! Tell me some of your favorite go-to Summer looks.

Got the Summertime Blues

This is one of my favorite go-to looks for summer. It is cute and comfy! The top came from Old Navy during their summer savings event. It was 40% off and cost me only $20 which is a great deal. The shorts came from JCPenney out of their Olsenboye Collection and cost only $11. I am not sure if the shorts are still in stock as they were on the discount rack. My shoes came from DSW off of that amazing clearance area they have in the back of each store. The sandals were only $12. Crazy right?? The watch I am wearing was a birthday present last year for the big 1-8 from Fossil. Then my baby sister bought me another band to swap from mint green to a gorgeous tan. By far one of my fav looks for the sweet southern heat! DSC00640 DSC00641DSC00638