Oh my gosh. Life has been rough lately. I see why they say that surgery recovery can take up to six weeks. The first week and a half after surgery I felt wonderful and then it all went downhill from there. The pain was so bad! I went back to the Dr. and since I was having pains in my teeth and right temple that meant she had to go back in and clean out the pockets again. This time though was while I was awake, yay. The nurse came in with these minty smelling “packs” and tells me she is putting those up my nose to numb the inside. Um, excuse me? These things are like 5 inches long! So after she puts them painfully up my nose, they left the room to let me get all numb. After waiting for what seemed an eternity they returned and got to work. Well, guess what? They waited too long! I could feel my doctor putting the tools up my into my nasal cavities and pulling things back out. It was almost like someone was scratching their nails on a blackboard level of uncomfortable. So, I told her it was hurting and she decided to go ahead and put new packs in and start the process over. It was awful, but I felt a million times better after that. Until I got home that is. My head was hurting so bad and my face was throbbing. Fast forward about two weeks and now I’m sitting in the ER. I was having a hard time breathing for a couple days but being stubborn  like the rest of my family I was not about to go to the hospital for that. I called my doctor to get her perspective on everything and she told me to go to the hospital to make sure I am okay. Thankfully we were only in the ER for about five hours. Apparently, her loosening everything in my head had caused Bronchitis and I was experiencing bronchial spasms and was also dehydrated. So these past few weeks have been a little crazy. All while trying to manage babysitting, getting things ready for school, and trying to find a job. Is it time to go crazy yet??

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