Hush Hush

DSC00649 DSC00650

   This past week of recovery has been worse than the first couple of days after surgery. Thankfully, I am starting to feel 100 times better! Today, I got out of the house for a couple of hours to go shopping for my mom’s birthday, which is tomorrow. Talk about last minute shopping! This outfit is just a last-minute thing I threw together to beat the heat. I was so incredibly hot today it was unreal. Thank you outdoor malls. The cardigan I am wearing has incredible lace details and is super soft. I picked up while at Forever 21 a couple weeks ago. It was only $22! It is so versatile I just HAD to have it. So, the denim shorts came from Altar’d State. They were a bit on the expensive side at $50, but they were a birthday present. They are high waisted, yet if I pull them up to where they are meant to be I get this lovely bit of booty hanging out. They are still my favorite shorts ever! I put just a plain black tank with this outfit to help keep the focus on the cardigan. My shoes are from Target. We came across these in the clearance section of the shoes. They were only $9!! So of course, we bought them in rose gold as well. Super super comfortable and have adjustable straps for the perfect fit. This outfit is really good for just running errands and still looking really cute.

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