Straight Patriotism


Since I have been sitting in my house doing nothing, I decided to play around with my nails. The Fourth of July is my favorite holiday so of course nails to match is a no brainer. I used Essie Forever Yummy red for my middle finger and thumb. This color is so unbelievably rich and smooth! Sinful Colors in Midnight Blue is my favorite blue. I used this color back in my cheerleading days religiously, with silver sparkles of course. Now for the white I used Salon Perfect’s Sugar Cube with Sally Hansen Golden Rule topcoat to represent fireworks. Four nail polishes is not my normal go-to, but when you are stuck in the house and can’t go anywhere thanks to dizziness you’ll do just about anything. Well, not really. I still would never wear leather in the heat of summer. I think leather shorts are absolute to die for but whoever wears them in the summer is obviously not from the south. I could see leather shorts in the Fall with a cute pair of tights and a slouchy sweater. Definitely not with a tank in the summertime! If you can rock that props to you girl. You deserve it.

Oh! I can’t forget to mention the rings in the picture. While with my family last weekend we went to Bridge Street to watch the cutest new movie, Inside Out. We arrived a bit early so I went to Icing. Low and behold this marvelous store decided to make all of their jewelry $5 and under. Every. Single. Piece. That is not just an opportunity you pass up! I found a little package of rings of various sizes that I HAD to buy. My favorite is on my middle finger. It’s little kitty cat ears. Meow! I also purchased this adorable necklace that is three layers and rests so beautifully on my chest. I am sure I will post a pic of it soon enough as I wear it all the time now!

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