Beating the Heat

DSC00642 DSC00646

Can we just talk about my absolute favorite boots? Although you do need to excuse my pasty legs here! These were my mama’s back in the day, but you can bet your butt that the day my foot was big enough to fit in them they were mine. My lovely mama bought these beauties in 1993. Don’t worry, she has gotten a newer pair since I confiscated them from her. I can wear these boots with any and everything. (In fact, they are part of a little series of outfits I plan on doing based on my favorite movie.) In the summertime, I love to pair them with white shorts and a blue tank top. Representing ‘Merica all the way baby! In the fall, so many dresses match these older than dirt boots. I have this really adorable long sleeve black dress with orange, yellow, and brown paisley on it. Red boots are the perfect accessory for that dress. It is a small pop of color that just so happens to help lengthen legs! Needless to say, I wear my mama’s red boots anytime I can.

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