Surviving School… Again

I have just a little less than two months left of summer and to say I am a bit sad is an understatement. While I am ready for Week of Welcome events and sorority recruitment, I could be less thrilled about classes starting back. 17 hours of classes are a lot when you are working and looking for things to be involved with at school all while maintaining relationships with family and old friends. So to keep myself sane I have come up with a list of tips and tricks to prepare for the new semester. Whether this is your first semester of college or your sixth, it doesn’t matter. This list will help you feel less overwhelmed!

  1. First off: Buy a planner. This is a mandatory step that will help solve 85% of all your problems. Whether you pick up the newest Lilly Pulitzer Agenda or a $2 one from Walmart, any will work.
  2. Second: Use that Planner! Writing down all important dates of assignments or events you want to go to can help keep your schedule not so cluttered. When you see that you have a research paper due at midnight on the 21st, but the frat that super cute guy in your econ class is in is having a party at the same time, you’ll know to get that paper done ahead of time. Also, remember to pencil in to borrow your roomies super adorbs wedge booties that make your legs look long and lean to impress that hottie!
  3. Get involved. I mean it! Go to info sessions about any and everything that peeks your interest. At UAH, we have days where all organizations come into the Student Center and present their information. If your school has a day like this I highly suggest you go. Make sure to know where all meetings are held and how often they are held. Remember to put them in your planner. I mean you bought one for a reason.
  4. Make time to meet your professors outside of the classroom. Drop in during their office hours and ask simple questions or just introduce yourself. This may make you feel like an overachiever but, believe me, they LOVE getting to know you. It shows that you actually care about your grades!
  5. Make time out of your day to make phone calls. You can’t forget your parents or your best friend back at home! Now I stayed home for school so I’m lucky. I get to see my parents all the time and it just so happens my best friend goes to UAH as well. Some of us aren’t so lucky though and only get to see these people on weekends back home or holidays. So if you make time at least twice a week to call back home, it’ll give you a wonderful piece of mind and make everyone think you haven’t forgotten them!
  6. Be prepared. To feel overwhelmed that is. No matter how many lists of tip and tricks you read it is nothing like the real thing. You can only find your groove by experiencing it yourself! Now hopefully reading this has helped you get an idea of what to expect in the upcoming semesters.

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