Dreaming of Sunshine


At the moment, I am nursing a wounded nose. I had surgery yesterday to fix a deviated septum and clear out sinus passages. When the doctor got inside of my nose, she discovered that my sinuses were deteriorating and I had multiple polyps that had developed since December. So in the meantime, I am going through my closet putting together outfits and just waiting for the chance to wear them again. This outfit I am showing you is by far one of my favorites. I bought this dress just last week at Altar’d State for $27. I happened to stumble upon the store when they were having their wonderful sale that is 50% off of their clearance. The sale has just started when my mom and I arrived so there were plenty of racks to pick through. I purchased another item which is an adorable cream and peach tank that is PERFECT for summer time! The wedges I am wearing (pictured) are a new purchase as well. I spotted them at DSW last week and showed them to my mom who was in search of a cute pair of wedges. We went to dinner that night and she hasn’t seen them since. Oh well, guess I will just HAVE to keep them in my closet for her!

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